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I like working with different mediums and I'm always learning new things! This keeps a lot of exciting variety in my work and also allows me to use up my materials a lot more effectively, keep product prices down, and keep me working towards my goal of zero waste. You may notice some of the same materials across different projects... I have used ripped clothing for book covers; small pieces of fabric from larger pattern cut-outs for mini book covers or facemasks; I've added stray bits of paper to books as unique accents; my smaller books are made using scraps from larger books; and the tiniest scraps of fabric accumulate until I have enough to use as stuffing in poufs and meditation pillows. I use a lot of similar themes across mediums as well. Some of my favorites are the moon, nazars (evil eyes), pomegranates, space, cats, bees, mushrooms, and birds.

When I’m not making pretty things in the shop, I’m cooking yummy Turkish food, hanging with Rodrigo and our cats, or exploring Baltimore, Turkey, Chile, and beyond!

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