I started making these tiny handbuilt cups several years ago. My inspiration for tincture thimbles was a way to make taking yucky tasting tinctures easier. I always had trouble stomaching some of the stronger tincture tastes to the point where I would avoid taking them even if I knew they would help me.

Many companies/herbalists would recommend diluting tinctures in a glass of juice or water but that just left me prolonging the experience. My eventual solution was to dilute tinctures with just a small amount of water so that the taste became more mild without drawing out the whole ordeal. I've also found that the water helps to prevent a strong aftertaste. Diluting in one of these tiny cups helps to keep the amount of water minimal so that you can take your tinctures faster and easier.

I compiled a list of some of my favorite tinctures for you to try with your new tincture thimbles!

Motherwort is one of my favorite herbs and you'll notice that it's an ingredient in several of the tincture combos I have listed here. I mostly take it for mood and anxiety as it can have a pretty instant positive effect on my mood. It's also very effective for relieving menstrual cramps and can even jump start your period which if you're like me and have premenstrual cramps can be a big relief.

You'll notice that I really like the Herb Pharm brand and while they do have straight Hawthorn, I'm also listing their Heart Health tincture because their plain hawthorn can be difficult to find in stores. I take hawthorn for anxiety and another great thing about the heart health formula is that it also contains motherwort, so you get the combined effects from both herbs to help ease your anxiety. Hawthorn itself is good for heart health as well and is actually used in many heart medications.

Afterease by WishGarden Herbs is one of the first tinctures I ever tried and it was probably where I first got the idea for dilution... this is a strong tasting tincture! While it's listed as a pain reliever for after birth pains, the ingredients -- cramp bark, black haw bark, yarrow, and motherwort -- all also help relieve menstrual cramps, which is what I've always used it for. When I first started having a period, my cramps were severe and this was the only thing that helped me! It also relaxes me so that I have relief not only from the pain, but from the emotions and mood swings as well.

White Willow aka "Nature's Aspirin" is an herb that helps with pain relief and is actually quite similar to aspirin. I mostly use it for minor headaches. I like to take breaks from OTC pain relievers like ibuprofen and tylenol from time to time. The reason I like to take breaks from traditional pain relief is 1) because I don't want to become to dependent on any one OTC medicine and 2) I figure that taking less will help me, well, take less! By that I mean I can get adequate pain relief from taking fewer pills and/or a weaker dose. White willow is a great supplement that I can take when I want to take that break.

While I usually take Andrographis as part of the Wellness Formula, sometimes I just don't feel like taking all those pills and will take the straight andrographis instead. Like the wellness formula, I'll take andrographis when I'm starting to feel under the weather. It's similar to echinacea except that you can actually take it once you have a full blown cold to lesson symptoms and help get over it much faster. This tincture is another great candidate for diluting in my tincture thimbles as the taste is very strong and bitter.


Tincture thimbles lined up, all with different glazes Tincture Thimbles

And that's my list! As with trying any new supplements, be cautious. We are all different and what works for me may not work for you. Initially try just minimal amounts of new supplements, listen to your body, and take care of yourself.

Be well!

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