I've recently been doing some more video work at concerts. While this was unnoticeable at the venue, it did get me playing around with video quite a bit and I remembered an issue that I did notice that the Mark ii has when recording video. There are strange sort of clicking sounds the camera makes throughout every video. You wouldn’t think something so minor would make such a noticeable sound, but if you usually employ ambient or low sound in your videos, you’ll definitely notice it.



Again, I went on a search to find out what the internets had to say! Yes, I did the painful no-real-answers-in-forums-even-though-the-google-search-descriptions-sounded-sooo-promising search for you! Seriously, I really love the internet... but why are people so damn rude?? Most responses were just to buy the Mark iii but, um, that’s really not helpful for we the poor photographers who took forever to save up for the Mark ii before the iii had to come in with all its magnificent-ness and make us feel all inadequate! JK, JK — I actually really love my Mark ii. The improvements to video would be the only thing I’m really missing from the Mark iii, and I just don’t do enough video work for it to be that big of a deal.

The fix is something I would not have thought to do, but apparently all you need to do is turn off the image stabilizer on your lens and that should do the trick. I would also make sure the camera in on manual focus, which it should be for video anyway since you will need the control and Canon cameras do have some issues with focusing that make me typically recommend using manual focus. Basically, make sure everything on your lens is moving as smoothly and freely as it can, also avoiding focusing or zooming all the way to the very end when it hits the edge and makes a small thud. Also, if you do not already do this, I would highly recommend leaving your camera on manual focus when it’s put away so that you aren’t putting any unnecessary strain on the focusing ring when it isn’t in use.



You’ll notice that there’s also still a slight dragging noise in both videos. It’s my guess that if you get an external microphone with which to record the sound for your videos that you’ll be able to get rid of that BUT that's an experiment for another day!

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